Shopping Small means more than you might realize

Shopping Small means more than you might realize

Shop Small Saturday is an unofficial holiday following Black Friday, designed to stimulate shopping in our locally-owned stores… The dilemma is that, now more than ever, we as residents in this rebuilding community, we need to focus our spending habits, driving our local economy rather than feeding a global corporation’s profits.  Don’t misunderstand, the convenience of the mega-chains cannot be overlooked; sometimes, it’s even necessary!  But, by focusing our spending local, especially in the wake of Hurricane Michael, we are rebuilding our community even faster, just by keeping the revenue local.  When you dine at a locally-owned restaurant, even if it’s a franchise, you are keeping local people employed; when you shop at a mom-&-pop store for that one-of-a-kind gift for someone special, you’re actually paying for a child’s dance lessons or football jersey.

Even in this era of shoppers shifting their purchasing preferences online, a new survey commissioned by UPS and conducted by ComScore reveals that 93% of shoppers say they prefer local and small retailers.


Earlier this year, 5,000 U.S. consumers were surveyed by ComScore for the fourth annual UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper survey. In an interesting twist, this year UPS included some questions about shopping at local businesses in their survey about online shopping.

Why shoppers prefer local and small retailers

In addition to being able to find the unique and hard to find items in small shops, there remains an interest in supporting the local community. Additionally, some shoppers simply like to be the first to sample new retailers.

Reasons given by survey respondents for why they like to shop at small and local retailers. (More than one reason allowed):

Stumble across the perfect gift item in a retail store, then experience the finest art collections and displays around, then enjoy one of our many delicious eateries (most of which feature gifted local musical entertainment,) Historic Downtown Panama City offers a complete Shop Small experience, unmatched by any other community!