Businesses Looking for a new location!

Businesses Looking for a new location!

With the massive destruction caused by Hurricane Michael, many business owners have struggled to simultaneously rebuild their homes and their businesses.  Many who rent their buildings have been displaced, and don’t have anther location acquired yet; we urge you to consider Historic Downtown Panama City as an option! Before the mall was built, Downtown Panama City was THE shopping destination for the community! All the big chain retailers were here, and they were surrounded by the Mom-&-Pop places that we all love…

The Downtown Improvement Board is partnering with several agencies, both public and private, to create a unique opportunity for businesses who wish to remain in Panama City, or extend their business model towards our district.  Potential incentives include extended rent-free “build-out” periods, impact fee assistance, sign and facade grants, even dedicated parking is possible for certain spaces!  The DIB is working hand-in-glove with agencies to create merchant-specific incentive programs to open up new opportunities for businesses to move into Historic Downtown Panama City!

Traffic flow is high; no limitations or set hours of operation, and very affordable rates are just a few reasons to look at bringing your business into Downtown! If you have interest in discussing how the DIB can help you evaluate Downtown as your next location, please call, email, or even message us on social media!  850-785-2554

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